April 26, 2010

aka my least favorite day of the week.  nonetheless, thoughts:

– the new bakesale betty is open, lying between my apartment and my office, rendering my daily commute dangerously delicious

– I hope this doesn’t affect the quality of Anchor’s beers–sort of a bummer either way

– despite really, really not needing it at all–it would be fairly pointless in my current lifestyle–I can’t stop wishing for this guy

– sharks!!  hopefully round 2 goes better this time…

– you will not regret baking these–I’d even up the bacon content next time–delicious.

– my fantasy baseball team is kicking butt, and I am proud of myself (league of 12, dudes: 11, girls: me)

this seems incredibly suspect from a 1st Amendment perspective…

– I know I need more photos on here.  promise to work on it.  first step: actually taking more photos.

– am coming to terms with the fact that I express my love by making lasagnas.  weird, I know.

– it is the best feeling to know you’re with someone you want to spend the entire weekend doing (almost) nothing with.

– this week is looking crazy, including crazy baking: chocolate chip cookies for a certain army man, lemon cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with both salted caramel and ricotta frostings (for the bday girl)…


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